TC10 “Race” Report

Last weekend I ran my 5th consecutive TC10 mile, which is part of the Twin Cities Marathon weekend. Not bad for a fat guy, huh? I remember five years ago when running 10 miles seemed daunting. I took that first one pretty seriously, never missing a training run and readying myself for the big day. Funny how things change. Ten miles isn’t really a big deal anymore- not that it is easy by any means- I just know that I can do it. That said, I took it a little too easy this year. I think I ran about 50 miles total all summer before last weekend. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous how I would feel during the race, especially since I tried some cramming the weekend before by running 7 miles and my knees felt like they needed WD40. Whoops.

When I tell people I am running, they all ask what my goal is. Given my lack of really any training whatsoever, my response was “to finish.” But I was asked to clarify that somewhat the night before as I was face down in a plate of sweet plantains, (Brasa is seriously an awesome pre-race meal – but that is a different post) so I settled on “to not cry.”

The morning of the race was cold (35-40), and consistent with my lack of preparation I had no clue what to wear mainly because I couldn’t remember what it was like to run in the cold because, well, I hadn’t been running. So I geared up in tights, stocking hat, arm warmers and gloves. Needless to say I was too warm. The gloves were thrown to the side of the road by mile 2, hat was off by mile 3 and arm warmers pulled off by mile 4. Oh well.

The “race” (my pace was more like a jog) actually went well. The weather and fall colors were great and the route is really beautiful. Running down Summit Ave with the sun shining down and the trees all yellow and orange, it really doesn’t get any better. There also were a lot more spectators this year than I remember from past years. So I just took it all in and enjoyed myself. When I hit the last mile I tried to run a little faster, but no dice, so I just eased it into the finish. My time? A few seconds slower than my first ever TC10, but 8-9 minutes (or so) slower than last year. Not bad.

Here is me at the finish. I of course grabbed as many Nut Rolls as I could (I think I ate four, because nothing says “EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT” like running 10 miles. I may have gained weight that day).


Me at the finsh with my Nut Rolls


Here is a pic of Dave, Melissa and me watching the marathoners come through. Dave didn’t train either but still beat me by about 30 minutes and Melissa didn’t run because she broke her foot, but it was nice of her to come watch, drive us home and allow us to talk her into eating a massive post race breakfast at the Egg and I.

Next year I will see if there is a way to negative train, or maybe I should take it seriously again?

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2 Responses to TC10 “Race” Report

  1. anne says:

    I wanted to provide you your first comment. You are a rockstar for running 10 miles!!

  2. jen says:

    Great recap and nice blog.

    I made add the TC 10 mile to my list next year to use as training for the Mankato Half.

    I would wear a powered by nutroll shirt at the race.

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