Here is what I know about Interbike: Everybody that goes to Interbike bitches about going to Interbike. That is all well and cool maybe if you work in the bike industry. But when you work in fabric box all day building PowerPoint presentations and going through 200 daily emails, going to Interbike sounds like heaven. But alas, since I haven’t gone and probably never will and you probably won’t either, I will be bringing you some coverage of the coverage of Interbike. Maybe I should call it “Metabike.” But whatever, here it goes.

I basically have a love affair with bikes (sorry babe). One of the companies that I admire a lot is Salsa. Their people ride a ton and it is a brand that I personally connect with, maybe because the staff just seem like regular guys and not a bunch of hipsters. They may actually take daily showers as well, but I can’t confirm.

They have shown a plethora of new stuff in the last couple days. Here goes:

Spearfish – New Full Suspension endurance racing rig

Photo from Salsa Cycles Website

Fargo – Updated

Photo from Salsa Cycles Website

El Mariachi Complete (I have the 2009 version – love it)

Photo from Salsa Cycles Website

Casseroll – Updated

Photo from Salsa Cycles Website

These are all 29ers (except the Casseroll which is 700c and road focused) and Salsa gets a lot of love from the Site Twenty Nine Inches. See their coverage here:

No updates on the Ti Selma except for a couple of Facebook and Twitter posts but it is real, and they basically have every bike in Ti (Vaya, Fargo, Selma, El Mariachi, A la Carte, La Cruz).

Not sure how realistic Ti is from a cost perspective for most folks, but it is for sure a lot of new stuff considering 2010 was pretty slow. I now have a bunch of new bikes to oogle over and think about getting. Should be fun.

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